High-throuput method

fully automated online approach speeds up the process and reduces radiation burden

3Rs of animal ethics

reduces, replace and refine the need of animals in radiotracer and drug testing


combines the strength of biomedical engineering, bioaffinity chromatography and radiobiology

SPHERIOGRAPH approach presents a dynamic column-based method for the evaluation and imaging of radiotracer in a 3D cell culture environment. More precisely, this highly interdisciplinary project comprises

-          development and evaluation of an in vitro column-based 3D cell culture methodology, utilizing co-culture systems with diverse cells expressing different targets mimicking a real tissue situation.

-          manufacturing and optimization of the column scaffold (stationary phase), allowing the controlled application of the radiotracer at a defined speed (mobile phase) which guarantees equal distribution of the applied radiation dose and nutrients, CO2/O2 supply, etc. required for viable cells.

-          online monitoring of vital cell culture parameters (pH, nutrient, and CO2/O2 supply among others) by sensors or specific tracers ([15O]H2O, [11C]CO2, among others).

-          validation and assessment of this new in vitro tool using metabolic radiotracers (e.g. [18F]FDG, [18F]FET, [11C]methionine), radiotracers for receptor targeting (e.g. [68Ga]Ga-PSMA, [11C]DASB, [11C]metoclopramide), or others ([18F]FEC, [18F]FMISO).




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